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Chief Leader of HUNA Life Church
COST: $350.00 USD.
Method of Payment: PayPal which accepts all major Credit Cards including your personal check.

LANGUAGE: American Southern English

TIME ZONE: USA, Eastern Day Light Savings Time

WHEN:  3 days of instruction starting on the evening of Friday, June 17 for 3 hours; Saturday, June 18th for 8 hours and Sunday, June 19th for 8 hours.

INTERNET CONNECTION: NO DIAL-UP CONNECTIONS! Must be standard (Not Light) DSL or Cable connections or higher.

COMPUTER HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: A good Web Camera (or Internet-friendly Digital Video Camera) and Microphone. Students will be interacting directly with the instructor online.  Therefore the students will need to be familiar with their video and audio equipment and will have to make adjustments so that the instructor can see and hear what they are doing during certain times of the classes. Further, your computer will be online for a significant period of time and will need to be in temperature controlled room or setting to allow it to be cool.

COMPUTER SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS:   Latest individual version of SKYPE for either PC or MAC.

THE RULES OF PARTICIPATION: I realize that you will be participating online. However, you will need to be in a space where you will NOT be disturbed during class. You will need to create a controlled space not unlike what you would be in if you attended this class outside of your home or office. In short you cannot multitask here. It is absolutely required that you not be distracted during class by your surroundings. Here you have the luxury of being able to participate in the comfort of your own space. No driving, flying, security checks etc… Further this class will be taught in American English and you need to have a good command of the language. You will need to have a pendulum or something that you can use as one.

ABOUT THE CLASS: I am looking for 4 individuals in USA EDST Zone (or other time zones who are not willing to wait for those classes to be offered) who want to learn HUNA.  Please be advised that there will be other classes scheduled in different time zones and for other countries and languages as well.

This is a comprehensive Basic HUNA class that will teach you the HUNA principles of the 3 selves and how to work those principles with yourself. You will learn how to do the magic. You will also be put in touch with your higher self and through that communication you will be presented with the opportunity of connecting with Ke Akua, The Living Divine Force. Nuff said. There are many people who want to learn HUNA who have been trained in dowsing by such organizations as the American Society of Dowsers. HUNA pendulum work is similar but not the same. You will be taught how to use the pendulum HUNA style and why.

You will also be instructed in how to clear yourself and others and how to maintain that clearing. You will also be instructed in how to do HUNA self healing, HUNA Prayer Actions and the principles of living the HUNA Way and much more. Click here for full description.
WHO SHOULD NOT ATTEND:  Anyone below the age of 21. Anyone who is under the care of a mental health professional or using drugs or alcohol in abuse. You need to have all of your senses about you. Meaning you need to be able to think, see, hear, speak.
        This will be a small interactive online class with Rev. Jaymes V. Alexander, Chief Leader of HUNA Life Church.
        The individuals will be selected on a first come bases. In the event that all 4 spots are not reserved then there will be no class and another date will be chosen.

         To register send an email to containing your name, phone number and best time to contact you. If you have any questions you may contact me at HUNA Life Church:




Rev. Jaymes V. Alexander, HLW.
NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist